San Francisco Modern Apartment by Craig Steely

This is the second apartment in the day which happens to be located in San Francisco and if not as good as the penthouse apartment we just finished talking about, it is not worst either. The brains behind this work include the famous name Craig Steely and magic is evoked with the use of ‘light ‘walls. This high-rise corner apartment gets a floor to ceiling ambient light installation which inturn offers a counterpoint to the views. The amazing light wall runs the length of the apartments inside interior wall. A computer is then used to reflect videos which are slowed down with each pixel transmitted to 2″ LED’s behind floor to ceiling walls of acid etched glass. This procedure effectively blows out any sharpness of the video and creates ambient slowly moving light patterns.

Images Credit: Craig Steely

San Francisco Modern Apartment by Craig Steely Pictures

San Francisco Modern Apartmenti Interior01

San Francisco Modern Apartmenti Interior02

San Francisco Modern Apartmenti Interior03

San Francisco Modern Apartmenti Interior04

San Francisco Modern Apartmenti Interior05

San Francisco Modern Apartmenti Interior06

San Francisco Modern Apartmenti Interior08

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