Amazing Idea for Saving Space in a Small Apartment

Christian Schaller is a photographer who lives in Barcelona, in a nice apartment that looks very good now, despite being very small, only square feet, which seems totally inadequate to live, but si9nce Barcelona is a city where European old people have to fight for every inch of space and everything is very expensive.

small apartment

small apartment

Therefore, most young artists prefer to live in apartments with very small businesses that are open to the roof and therefore live in a big city for less money. I know there are many ways to save space, but I must admit that this time I was very impressed.Upon entering the small apartment that looks like an empty room with all the walls are covered with wooden panels. But if you have the opportunity to stay for a few minutes you will notice the room has all the components of a normal apartment, just very well hidden in the walls, with wooden panels.

Everything is very automated and you need to put some pressure on a panel about and opened immediately, allowing you access to what is in it: the fridge in the kitchen, small bathroom, etc. All the food is hidden under a panel, but once you open it, you can see it has everything you need, including a sink and stove. The bed goes under a wall that is hidden in the ceiling and what remains inside is like a small sofa.

The TV is mounted on a wall and can be placed any way you want. There is a table that can be folded in order to fix on the wall when not needed and there is a glass shower. It is very easy to reach everything in the room to store clothes in a closet hidden. In fact, this small apartment has everything you need, but not see it as not exposed, but occupying all space. Great ideas and design so great.

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small apartment

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